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Posey Law Firm

As the principal attorney for the Posey Law Firm, PC, in Austin, Texas, attorney Jake Posey oversees the firm’s legal staff. Attorney Jake Posey has built his law firm to focus on government affairs, including lobbying.

The Posey Law Firm represents several Fortune 500 companies along with several larger entities in the state of Texas. The firm assists companies and associations with the resolution of state and federal regulatory issues. It deals with companies in a wide range of sectors, from technology to health care.

The firm also aids clients in lobbying the legislature to help amend laws or determine the potential effects of legislation still in the consideration stage, along with analyzing strategies, creating forecasts, and drafting policy briefs. Through its established connections and wealth of experience in the workings of government in Texas, the Posey Law Firm is able to assist clients in their efforts to achieve favorable outcomes.

The Posey Law Firm