Protecting Against Employment Torts in the Information Age


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As the head of the Posey Law Firm, PC, in Austin, Texas, attorney Jake Posey represents Fortune 500 companies and other highly respected businesses. In his practice, Jake Posey’s work as an attorney centers on government relations and helping business leaders enact change effectively through the Texas legislature.

While rapidly changing technology can have many positive effects for businesses, slowly adapting laws can present challenges. Workplace technologies can change workplace habits quickly, changing legal needs just as fast. This requires business owners, especially those in the technology sector, to be proactive in how they handle legal matters.

While employment torts, or civil allegations of workplace wrongdoings, are relatively rare, legal professionals have observed a marked increase in the number of torts being brought against previous employers. The burden of proof is high, and always falls on the plaintiff in such tort cases, but the trend underscores the need for following best practices and relying on quality legal representation.

Protecting Against Employment Torts in the Information Age