The State Bar of Texas Law-Related Education Program

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State Bar of Texas

A graduate of the Texas A&M University School of Law, Jake Posey is an attorney with The Posey Law Firm, PC, in Austin. Throughout his career as an attorney, Jake Posey has maintained membership in several legal organizations, including the State Bar of Texas.

In addition to helping member attorneys enhance their legal knowledge and skills, the State Bar of Texas oversees various programs for the public. For teachers and students, the Bar offers Law-Related Education, a program that provides resources to promote citizenship and an understanding of the law among Texas elementary, middle, and high school students.

Through Law-Related Education, teachers can access videos, lesson plans, and other instructional materials on topics such as government, the US Constitution, civic engagement, and the Supreme Court. The program also hosts a number of professional development events and its annual Law-Related Education Conference. In 2018, the Conference will be held on January 26.

In addition to resources for teachers, the Law-Related Education program offers a variety of online games for K-12 students. Games available on the Bar’s Law-Related Education site teach students about the Bill of Rights and the Texas pledge of allegiance, among other topics.

The State Bar of Texas Law-Related Education Program